RECIPE: Mixed Bean and Avocado Tostadas | #ThisGirlEats

Serves: 2
How much does it cost? This mixed bean and avocado recipe cost me less than £1 per person.
What are the benefits? This recipe provides at least two of your five a day, is a great source of plant-based protein and is totally suitable for vegans.

When you have two leftover tortillas on their very last legs stuffed at the back of the bread bin and have already eaten all the wraps you can handle for one week, what do you do with them?

Make toastadas, of course! Well, a version of them, anyway.

Everyone knows that Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines, so anything inspired by this kind of food is right up my alley. A tostada is a crispy tortilla wrap, usually either flat or in a bowl shape, sometimes fried, sometimes toasted – always delicious!

This is my version of a tostada, easy to make in the average kitchen and with very little time or effort necessary. I’ve topped mine with heaps of spicy mixed beans for some protein, a few slices of fresh avocado (because I couldn’t be bothered to make guacamole) and a spoonful of sour cream – an optional extra, of course.

These mixed bean and avocado tosatadas are tasty, vibrant and full of flavour, and definitely worth a try.

Tostasda topped with mixed beans, avocado, sprinkling of cheese and a spoonful of sour cream
Tostasda topped with mixed beans, avocado, sprinkling of cheese and a spoonful of sour cream

1 Onion, Chopped
1 Bell Pepper, Chopped
400g Mixed Beans (preferably in a spicy or tomato sauce)
1 Large Avocado, Peeled, Pitted & Sliced
2 Wholemeal Tortilla Wraps

If you’ve managed to grab some beans that are already in some kind of sauce (mine were mixed taco beans in a spicy tomato sauce) then you don’t really need to do too much here. Just throw in a little garlic with the onion and then season the beans with a pinch of paprika, salt and pepper. Chuck in a sprinkle of dried chilli flakes too if you want a little more heat.


1. In a pan, spray a little cooking spray or a drop of oil and cook the onions and peppers for a couple of minutes with some garlic, just to soften.

2. Turn down the heat and pour in the mixed beans. Season and simmer for around 15 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, it’s time to crisp up the tortillas. Pop the tortillas on a large, grease-proof baking tray and cook in the oven at 180℃ for around 10 minutes, or until they’re crispy and crunchy.

4. Remove the tortillas from the oven and allow to stand for 1 minute. Take the pan off the heat and pile the beans up in the middle of the flat tortillas. Scatter your slices of avocado across the top and dig in!

Tostasda topped with mixed beans, avocado, sprinkling of cheese and a spoonful of sour cream
Tostasda topped with mixed beans, avocado, sprinkling of cheese and a spoonful of sour cream

RECIPE: Sweet Chilli Tofu with Vegetable Stir Fried Rice | #ThisGirlEats

Serves: 4
How much does it cost? This recipe cost me less than 75p per person
What are the benefits? This sweet chilli tofu with vegetable stir fried rice recipe is really high in protein, high in fibre and low in fat.

I’ve spent a good few years being scared of tofu, but it turns out if you season it properly, toss it in vegetable stir fried rice and drizzle sweet chilli sauce all over it, it’s pretty damn good!

Probably about.. four years ago? Maybe five? Anyway, a few years ago, I dived into my very first, very spontaneous foray of vegetarianism and decided I’d give it a crack (I was incredibly unsuccessful and bombed in about two weeks, but whatever).

Where I worked at the time had limited lunch options and, being a brand new and totally clueless herbivore, I panicked and just went with the first thing I saw – sweet chilli tofu from Wasabi. And it was gross. Like, really disgusting and I had to throw most of it away. It was like chewing on pieces of sponge – not nice.

I was completely put off of tofu and have always been wary of cooking with it, even though I’ve educated myself massively on veggie food since then. But I started getting bored with meat replacements and decided it’s about time I faced my tofu fears and give it a try – and it was awesome!

This sweet chilli tofu is oven baked and high in protein while the vegetable rice is a great source of fibre, and the whole shebang is really low in saturated fats. Tofu can be a little more pricey than I’d like, I won’t lie, but a little goes a long way. We ate leftovers for lunch the next day and it lasted well, so you can definitely stretch this one out.

400g Firm Tofu
240g Brown Rice
1 Bell Pepper, Diced
1 Onion, Diced
1/2 Mug of Sweetcorn (fresh or frozen)
4 Mushrooms, Chopped
4 tbsp Sweet Chilli Sauce

Okay, so it turns out when cooking tofu it’s super important to season things really well. I marinated my tofu in a combination of soy sauce, ground coriander, chilli flakes, salt, pepper and some chilli oil from the cupboard that I hardly ever use. I also gave the rice a pinch of salt and pepper before blitzing it in the microwave and seasoned the veggies with garlic and, you guessed it, a little more salt and pepper.


1. Drain the tofu (I cut mine into chunks, sandwiched it between two paper towels, rested a book on top and left for about an hour to try and squeeze as much moisture out as possible) and then marinade in a dish or bowl with a combination of soy sauce, ground coriander, chilli flakes, salt, pepper and a chilli oil if you’ve got it for at least half an hour – longer if possible – before it’s ready to cook.

2. Empty the marinated tofu onto a baking tray (you might want to use greaseproof paper to make sure it doesn’t stick) and bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

3. Cook the rice according to packet instructions (30 minutes in the microwave does the trick with mine).

4. Add the diced onion, pepper, mushroom and sweetcorn to a pan with garlic, salt and black pepper and stir fry on a low heat for 10 minutes with a splash of oil or cooking spray.

5. Drain the cooked rice and add into the pan with the vegetables. Fry everything together for the last couple of minutes until well combined.

6. Serve the veggie rice, remove the tofu from the oven and place on top, then drizzle generously with sticky sweet chilli sauce.

Mixed vegetable stir fried rice topped with oven baked tofu and drizzled with sweet chilli sauce.

RECIPE: Rainbow Salad | #ThisGirlEats

Serves: 2
How much does it cost? This rainbow salad recipe cost me less than £1.50 per person.
What are the benefits? This dish is loaded with veggies and easily gives you three of your five a day, not to mention it’s a great low-carb meal and vegan option.

I think I’ve probably said before that I’m not really a “salad person”. I’ll be honest – I don’t trust them. I know that sounds a bit weird, but hey, whatever. I just don’t trust salads. I don’t believe a salad will set my tastebuds alight and I’m very suspicious of a salad’s ability to actually fill me up. They’re just not a meal you can rely on, in my opinion.

However, I know that’s mostly nonsense made up in my head and that salads can actually be very tasty filling – if you do them right!

This rainbow salad is something I came up with on Pancake Day, mainly because I knew we’d be eating a mountain of batter loaded with chocolate spread, honey, fruit and basically all the sugar in the world later for dessert and needed something light and nutritious for dinner to offset the upcoming pancake rush.

The best thing about this salad is you can literally swap out any part of it to suit your needs. I made my plate out of veggies I love and ingredients that are easily accessible for me; that might not be the same for you. You want cucumber instead of tomatoes? Cool! Celery instead of sweetcorn? Go for it! Chicken breast instead of sweet potato? Okay, fine! Whatever changes you want to make, you can.

It’s a bright, vibrant plate of food with loads of different flavours and textures and plenty of variety to keep you full and tick plenty of boxes. Love yourself AND what you’re eating without missing out on a thing!


2 Sweet Potatoes
1 Onion, Sliced
1 Bell Pepper, Sliced
1/2 Red Onion, Sliced
1 Avocado, Sliced
1/2 Cup of Sweetcorn (frozen or fresh)
4 Cherry Tomatoes
1 Bag of Prepared Salad

With the onions and peppers, throw in a small pinch of garlic (dried or fresh), paprika, chilli flakes, salt and pepper to give a little flavour to the dish. But that’s about it!


1. Heat the oven to 200°C, wash and prick the sweet potatoes and bake them in the oven for around an hour, until soft all the way through. If, after the hour, they’re still a little hard, blast in the microwave for a couple of minutes to finish them off.

2. Meanwhile, in a pan with a very small drop of oil or cooking spray, fry the onions and peppers with seasoning on a low heat for 10 minutes or so.

3. In a saucepan of salted boiling water, chuck in the sweetcorn and simmer for 5 minutes.

4. The last step is really just to bring everything together on the plate. Arrange the salad leaves, avocado slices, red onion and tomatoes on the plate. Pile up the cooked onions and peppers, drain the sweetcorn, and top everything with the sweet potato.

Rainbow salad with buttered sweet potato, salad leaves, tomatoes, avocado, sweetcorn, peppers and onion

RECIPE: Vegan Chocolate Button Banana Bread | #ThisGirlEats

Serves: 6
How much does it cost? This recipe cost me less than 25p per person.
What are the benefits? This lovely banana bread is, of course, vegan, but is also benefits from being high in fibre and pretty low fat.

My nan’s banana bread is a real treat. It’s perfect, exactly how you’d expect banana bread to taste; light golden brown on the outside, soft and sweet in the middle with chunks of ripe banana running through. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

The only problem with my nan’s recipes is that they are impossible to replicate.

If you ask her how much of this to add or how long to cook that for, she’ll just say something along the lines of, “Just keep going in until it tastes right, just throw it in the oven until it looks right.” What does that even mean?!

So, with a lot of my nan’s cooking, I pick up the flavours and textures I like and try to replicate them in my own way – like this one.

I found the basic ingredients needed for banana bread (I’m not much of a baker AT ALL so always need a little help to get started) from Mary Berry’s Banana Loaf recipe on The Happy Foodie but, of course, wanted to put a twist on it.

What makes everything better? Chocolate. The answer is always chocolate, which is why my banana bread has some cheeky chocolate buttons thrown in. I also like to try and bake vegan-friendly (see my vegan chocolate Easter cake from last year) so this chocolate button banana bread is totally dairy-free.

It depends which ingredients you choose – the egg replacement, milk alternative or water, etc. – but the way I made it, using soya milk and chia seeds, gives you six thick slices (or eight regular ones) for as little as 20p per serving.

In terms of nutrition, I mean, cake is still cake. However, this delicious recipe is made with real fruit in every slice, packs in plenty of fibre and, thanks to the lack of dairy, is much lower in fat and cholesterol than most other cakes.


2 Ripe Bananas
75g Dairy-Free Spread
100g Plain Flour
100g Caster Sugar
1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tbsp Milk Alternative / Water
1 Egg Alternative (I used chia seeds mixed with water for a gel consistency, but you can use 1/4 cup of plain yoghurt, a tablespoon of unsweetened applesauce, or even just an extra 1/2 mashed banana!)
25g Dairy-Free Chocolate Buttons (can be found in ASDA for 37p, Tesco and Sainsbury’s for 40p, Morrisons for 42p and Co-op for 55p)

So, this is how I did it…

1. Peel and mash the bananas in a large bowl.

2. Add the spread, flour, sugar, bicarbonate of sofa, baking powder, milk and “egg” to the bowl and beat ingredients together (if you’ve got an electric whisk it’ll make your life muuuuch easier, but you can use a spoon or manual whisk if not).

3. Stir in the chocolate buttons.

4. Pour mixture into a medium-sized loaf tin lined with greaseproof paper and bake for 40 minutes on 180°C. Check the cake is cooked all the way through (stick a knife into the middle of the loaf and pull it back out – if cake mix is left on the knife, it needs longer. If the knife comes out clear, you’re good to go.)

5. Allow to cool and store in an airtight tin, or scoff a slice warm from the oven if you just can’t wait!

Tips & Tricks

  • Dark chocolate chips are another great substitute instead of the buttons, they’ve got a more bitter taste if you don’t think you’ve got enough of a sweet tooth to handle this.


  • Save some chocolate to one side, melt it down and drizzle it across the top of the loaf once it cools for an extra chocolicious touch!


  • You don’t have to make this with chocolate at all – you could add raisins, walnuts or even peanut butter to make your own unique version.



RECIPE: Chickpea Chilli | #ThisGirlEats

Serves: 2
How much does it cost? This recipe cost me less than 75p per person.
What are the benefits? This chilli is packed with goodness bringing in a whopping four of your five a day, is low in fat and is a great vegan recipe.

Christmas followed by a weekend trip to Belgium – the home of chocolate, chips and waffles – was only going to mean one thing: some serious eats.

I binged on the festive treats and feasted on a traditional turkey dinner over Christmas and drank my body weight on New Year’s Eve, then sobered up for a few days just in time to jump on the Eurostar and indulge some more. It’s been a great month for my tastebuds, but not so great for my health.

I’ve noticed my skin starting to break out and a definite feeling of lethargy and I’m sure the recent lack of good nutrition is to blame. One of my goals this year is to adopt a long-term and consistently healthier lifestyle and benefit from it so, now our holidays are over, it’s time to really put that into practise.


Luckily, my first recipe of the year is perfect for just that. It’s brimming with chickpeas, veggies and beans, with a little spice to help unblock a stuffy nose (something I’m constantly stuck with this time of year) and all the rich flavour of a classic chilli.

Coming to just over a pound in our local supermarket for two large portions, it’s also great for that tight January budget.


400g Tin of Chickpeas
1 Large Onion, Chopped
1 Bell Pepper, Chopped
1 Carrot, Sliced
400g Tin of Chopped Tomatoes
400g Tin of Kidney Beans

Heat a generous helping of garlic at the start of cooking along with the onion and carrot, then throw in plenty of paprika, cumin and cinnamon a little later. Add a touch of salt and pepper, and a few chilli flakes for a nice kick.

So, this is how I did it…

1. Using a small drop of oil or cooking spray, fry the garlic, onion and carrot together in a large pan for a couple minutes, just to soften them up a little.

2. Drain the tin of chickpeas and add them to the pan, along with the pepper and chopped tomatoes. Season with paprika, cumin, cinnamon, chilli flakes, salt and pepper.

3. Leave to simmer gently for 15 minutes.

4. Drain the kidney beans and throw them in for the final 5 minutes of cooking.

Tips & Tricks

  • For a richer flavour, add in a teaspoon of tomato puree and a stock cube of your choice along with the chopped tomatoes.
  • This recipe is wonderfully versatile, so don’t be afraid to try it in different ways; spooned over a jacket potato, mixed in with rice, rolled into a tortilla wrap… I like mine with some sour cream and a couple of pitta breads to dip.
  • This would be heavenly bunged into a slow-cooked and left to gently heat for hours on end, so give it a go if you’ve got the time.


RECIPE: Mushroom Rolls (Sausage Roll Alternative) | #ThisGirlEats

Serves: 6
How much does it cost? These rolls cost me less than 50p per person.
What are the benefits? This recipe is a great vegan option, provides one of your five a day and is a great source of plant-based protein.

Sausage rolls are part of British culture, aren’t they? Our friends across the pond think they’re kinda weird – but then again, they’re also confused by beans on toast, another British institution. And, hey, I’m struggling with the idea of biscuits and gravy, whatever the hell that is…

Anyway, point is, everyone in the UK knows there’s nothing like a good sausage roll. Whether it’s a party, a picnic or just a delicious mid-morning Greggs, we are slaves to the humble snack of sausage meat wrapped in flaky puff pastry. But are they any good for you?

Well, no. Not really. Sure, they’re good for the soul in a warm, comforting way, but it’s safe to say they’re somewhat lacking in nutritional value – so I’ve cooked up my own #ThisGirlEats version!

Stuffed with a rich mushroom mixture, these rolls are already one step closer to that ‘Five A Day’ target. They’re also a real crowd-pleaser at get-togethers too; having a delicious vegan recipe to hand means more of your guests can enjoy the food. Everyone’s a winner!


1/2 Pack of Ready Rolled Puff Pasty (approx. 190g)
250g Mushrooms, Finely Chopped
1 Large Onion, Finely Chopped
2 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce

When cooking down the onions and mushrooms, add a generous helping of black pepper to the frying pan, as well as a pinch of salt (but not too much as the soy sauce already gives a salty flavour), dried garlic, dried thyme, and the tiniest pinch of dried chilli flakes for a lil’ kick.

So, this is how I did it…

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C (180°C fan) and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper, oil or cooking spray so the pastry won’t stick.

2. In a frying pan, cook the onion on a medium heat for around 5 minutes, until soft. Add the mushrooms, soy sauce and seasoning and fry for another 5 – 10 minutes, until the veggies are completely cooked down.

3. Remove the filling from the heat and leave to cool. Meanwhile, slice the pastry into two strips, each one around 3 1/2 inches wide. Brush the edges very lightly with oil and arrange the filling in a sausage-like shape length-ways down each strip of pastry.

4. Roll or fold the pastry strips over until the filling is fully encased. Brush with a very light dab of oil, place on baking tray and pop into the oven for 15 – 20 minutes, until light golden brown.

Tips & Tricks

  • These are made to be a great vegan alternative to sausage rolls – but if you want to keep things more traditional, you can egg-wash the pastry top and edges instead of using oil.


  • If you want an earthier taste and “meatier” texture to the rolls, throw in some very, very finely chopped walnuts.


  • For an even smoother filling, blitz it in a food processor.


RECIPE: Five Bean Chilli | #ThisGirlEats

Chilli was probably the first meal I learnt to cook from scratch and really “perfected” (there’s always room for improvement, but my chilli is pretty damn good I’ll be honest) and it’s still my favourite home cooked meal. 🌶️

It started with beef mince, then I moved onto using Quorn or mince alternatives to experiment with different versions of my most cherished recipe. I fancied trying something new, so I thought I’d have a go at making a bean chilli which bursts with colour, flavour and texture, as well as being an excellent choice for vegetarian or vegan meals.

You could make this recipe even easier by just buying a couple of tins of mixed beans rather than buying each individually – this will shrink both the cost and ingredient list – but I prefer choosing which beans go into my chilli and having the option to chop and change each time I make it.

Beans are honestly so, so good for you. First off they count as one of your ‘Five A Day’ so, along with the carrot, onion, pepper and chopped tomatoes, you’re well on your way with this recipe! Beans also help with heart health, are a good source of protein and fibre, and keep you fuller for longer. They’re cheap, too, so make a great base for eating on a budget.


So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 4)

1. Heat up a large pan with a touch of oil (or some light cooking spray) and gently fry the onion and carrot on a low heat for 10 minutes.

2. Pretty much everything else goes in once the carrot and onion have softened. Add all of the beans (make sure you drain the ones in water), chopped tomatoes, chopped pepper, a crumbled stock cube, tomato puree and the seasoning.

3. Simmer for 10 – 15 minutes, giving the flavours a chance to develop.

4. Serve with a jacket potato, rice, flatbreads, whatever you fancy! 🍚

The prices below are the cheapest I could find when doing a comparison and are accurate at the time of publishing!

1/2 Tin of Baked BeansReduced Sugar & Salt Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce – 30p – Sainsbury’s 
Tin of Cannellini BeansCannellini Beans in Water – 42p – ASDA
Tin of Black Eye BeansBlack Eye Beans in Water – 55p – ASDA
Tin of Pinto BeansPinto Beans in Water – 55p – ASDA
200g Tin of Kidney Beans in Chilli SauceChilli Beans in Chilli Sauce – 40p – ASDA
Tin of Chopped TomatoesSmartprice Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice – 29p – ASDA
1 Carrot, ChoppedCarrots, Loose – 6p – Tesco
1 Onion, ChoppedGrower’s Selection Onions by Weight – 15p – ASDA
1 Bell Pepper, ChoppedRed Pepper – 41p – Tesco
Vegetable Stock CubeStock Cubes, Vegetable – 39p – ASDA
1tsp Tomato PureeDouble Concentrated Tomato Puree – 37p – ASDA

When you start frying off the vegetables, throw in some dried garlic flakes along with them. Then, once you’ve added the beans and tomatoes, season with a generous helping of paprika and cumin, a pinch of dried chilli flakes and salt and pepper to taste.


RECIPE: Vegan Chilli Dogs | #ThisGirlEats

Serves 2  less than £1.50                                        veganhigh protein3 of 5

I always feel a bit childish going to a restaurant and ordering a hot dog but, man, they’re just so delicious! Chilli dogs are my absolute favourite; sausages topped with messy, spicy chilli spilling out of the bun with every bite… Okay, I need stop, I’m salivating here.

#ThisGirlEats finds healthy alternatives to my most loved foods and, as I’m sure you know, chilli dogs are usually made with very fatty meats. This version cuts that fat down with vegan sausages and a hearty bean chilli, but holds onto a super satisfying flavour.

I think the word “vegan” freaks people out sometimes, conjuring up ideas of scary new ingredients and complex cooking, things we don’t always understand. But, as you can see here, it doesn’t have to be like that! This recipe is so easy, and it all starts with frozen sausages – you can’t get much simpler than that!

american dad

4 Vegan Sausages
4 Hot Dog Rolls
1/2 Tin of Mixed Beans
1/2 Tin of Chopped Tomatoes
1/2 Medium Carrot, Sliced
1 Medium Onion, Sliced
1 Bell Pepper, Sliced

Every chilli needs a kick and this is no exception! Once you’ve added the chopped tomatoes to the pan, top it up with dried garlic flakes, paprika, cumin, cinnamon, tomato puree, salt, pepper and a sprinkling of chilli flakes for spice.

So, this is how I did it…

1. Cook the sausages according to packet instructions – the Linda McCartney ones I’ve used here (and are SERIOUSLY yummy!) take 15 minutes on 180°C, but double check the timings for other brands.

2. While the sausages cook, heat a frying pan with a small drop of oil or a spritz of cooking spray and fry off the onions and carrots for a couple of minutes.

3. Throw in the bell pepper and tinned tomatoes, season well and cook on a medium-high heat for around 10 minutes – make sure it doesn’t start to stick!

4. Empty the tin of mixed beans into the pan and simmer on a low heat for the last 5 minutes of cooking.

5. Serve up the sausages in hot dog rolls, top with the bean chilli and get messy!


RECIPE: Vegan Chocolate Banana Easter Cake | #ThisGirlEats

I’m not vegan and I’m suuuuuure as hell not a baker but one thing’s for certain, I do like a challenge. So, with Easter – the glorious season of chocolate – coming up, what better time to have a crack at a big ol’ chocolate cake, made from scratch, with a vegan* twist and some cute springtime decor?

I’ve got to credit the foundations of this recipe to none other than the fantastic guys over at Tasty – their recipe for The Most Decadent Vegan Chocolate Cake gave me a great starting point on how to go about making a vegan cake as a total novice!

Of course, I made some devilishly delicious tweaks to create something I consider perfect for this particular occasion, including sweet mashed banana and my nan’s recipe for AMAZING buttercream icing (made with dairy-free spread!).

I’m not including supermarket prices or nutrition for this one – sorry guys, but this cake is made for celebrating. Treat yo’self! It’s something indulgent to share with family and friends over a cup of tea (or glass of prosecco!) after your Easter Sunday roast and not something to be particularly cash or calorie conscious about.


2 Mugs Self-Raising Flour
1 1/2 Mugs Caster Sugar
1/2 Mug Cocoa Powder
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Baking Powder
1/4 Mug Coconut Oil
3 tbsp Runny Honey
1 Mug Almond Milk
1 Banana, Mashed
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Mug Icing Sugar
1 Mug Cocoa Powder
3 tbsp Vegan-friendly Butter
1 tsp Water

So, this is how I did it…
(Serves 8-10)

1. Sieve the flour, caster sugar and cocoa powder into a bowl and whisk together (if you don’t instantly get it everywhere you’ve already done better than me).

2. Add everything else – the salt, baking powder, coconut oil, honey, almond milk, banana and vanilla extract – slowly. Stir together with a wooden spoon until well-combined. And lick the spoon, of course 🥄

2 mugs of self-raising flour
1 1/2 mugs of caster sugar
1/2 mug of cocoa powder
1 tsp salt
1tbsp baking powder
1/4 mug of coconut oil
3 tbsp of runny honey
1 mug of almond milk
1 banana, mashed
1 tsp vanilla extract

1 mug of icing sugar
1 mug of cocoa powder
3 tbsp vegan-friendly butter
1 tsp water

3. Pour the mixture between two cake sandwich tins and bake for 25 minutes at 200 degrees. Stick a knife or skewer into the cake once the time is up – if it comes out clear, it’s cooked. If bits of cake stick to the knife, it needs a little longer.

4. Remove the cakes from their tins and leave to cool completely on a rack. It took about 45 minutes for mine to get to a room temperature kinda feel.

5. While the cakes cool, whip up the icing. Simply chuck the icing sugar, cocoa powder and “butter” into a bowl and stir together. Add a teeny tiny drop of water to make the mixture a little less stodgy and thick, nothing more than a teaspoon otherwise it’ll get far too runny. Keep stirring until smooth (or your arm falls off. Whichever comes first).

6. Once the cakes are cool, use a knife to make the bottom half even so your cake has a nice, level base. Spread the icing across it before topping with the second layer. Coat the top of the cake with more icing and decorate – I bought some Mini Eggs (soz vegan buddies) and wafer flowers and dotted them about to make it look all pretty and Easter-y.

2 mugs of self-raising flour
1 1/2 mugs of caster sugar
1/2 mug of cocoa powder
1 tsp salt
1tbsp baking powder
1/4 mug of coconut oil
3 tbsp of runny honey
1 mug of almond milk
1 banana, mashed
1 tsp vanilla extract

1 mug of icing sugar
1 mug of cocoa powder
3 tbsp vegan-friendly butter
1 tsp water

* The Mini Eggs are optional and the only non-vegan part, I promise!