SERIES: My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle #4 | #ThisGirlEats

11:30AM: I’m up early on a Sunday when I’m not working – why, you ask? Well, because I’m off out to stand in a cold, damp field and watch football. Supportive girlfriend points, please 💁

4:30PM: For the first time in our two year relationship, I am the one on the soft drinks 🍼It’s a birthday party, it’s in a pub, and I’m tentatively sipping on two white wine spritzers and what feels like gallons of Diet Coke because for the first time – not only in our relationship but, in fact, my LIFE – I’m the one driving us home. I’m proud of myself, but also a little unsure. Like, is this really worth it? Can’t we just get an Uber home? My cousin is here and she’s not drinking either, but she’s almost six months pregnant which feels like a much more worthwhile excuse…

Anyway, we filled up on a little mini buffet my mum laid out for us before we left in her valiant, but ultimately failed, attempt to stop everyone getting too drunk – except me, of course.


Greek yogurt with mixed fruit and a drizzle of honey

Roasted chicken, vegetable cous cous, roast potato chunks, slice of French stick, handful of black pepper crisps, salad

2 white wine spritzers with lemonade
Several glasses of Diet Coke – oh the newfound perks of being designated driver!

Half an oven-cooked pepperoni pizza