SERIES: My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle #3 | #ThisGirlEats

7:45PM: It’s Friday. I’ve worked all week. I’ve got a (rare) weekend off. Should I punish myself for wanting to have a little kick back on a Friday night? No. No, I bloody well shouldn’t – and neither should you! This is all about still eating what you like, when you like, and I think that involves coming home at the end of the week, putting on your comfy pants and helping yourself to a cider or two in front of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 blu-ray you bought the other day.

dancing groot

We’re not ordering in. We’re not stuffing our faces with excessive quantities of greasy takeaway. We’re having a nice, relaxing Friday night in, treating ourselves to a little indulgence along the way, but not gorging until we’re sick and not throwing yet more money at those greedy – if oh-so-tempting – buggers of the takeaway industry.


🌟 Cup of green tea
🌟 One protein-packed, low-calorie Graze snack (I felt peckish this morning)

🌟 Boots Meal Deal – Shapers chicken, bacon and avocado club sandwich, Walkers Baked Fusions cheddar and red pepper crisps, small bar of chocolate and a Diet Coke
🌟 850ml water

Post-work snack
🌟 Half a miniature pot of plain Pringles

🌟 Half a pizza, potato wedges, baked beans and a few dough balls (like seriously, have you tried those things? That garlic dip is to DIE for…)
🌟 2 small cans of Rekordalig cider

Friday night snacking
🌟 Handful of BBQ Pringles

🌟 10 minute walk (you know, outside of running around the shop, on my feet at work all day!)