SERIES: My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle #1 | #ThisGirlEats

I’ve been trying to commit to changing the way I think about food for a long time now; however, last night pushed me to my limits. It’s not the first time my tummy has been so disgustingly full of ill-advised takeaway pizza, but I’m hoping it will be the last.

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#ThisGirlEats was created as a gateway to adopting a healthier lifestyle without changing absolutely everything about our day-to-day lives. Weight loss clubs and gym memberships are expensive, complicated ingredients are a ‘mare, long-winded recipes aren’t practical and strict, low-calorie, don’t-eat-this-don’t-eat-that diets just suck!

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But it’s time I really started living the #ThisGirlEats life – not just posting a fabulous new healthy recipe online one night, and then binging on chocolate the next.

So I’m kickstarting #ThisGirlEats, incorporating gentle exercise, nutritious food and a better, more positive outlook into my journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle – without restricting myself, turning my world upside-down, or making myself feel guilty for enjoying food.

It starts today! And what better way to force myself into it than documenting it? I won’t be publishing every single day, but I’ll be keeping you updated at regular intervals so you can see how it’s going!


9:30AM: So, today hasn’t started out great. I’ve woken up to no electricity thanks to a power cut and no 4G connection thanks to what I can only presume is the gods hating me. Or possibly karma.

Anyway, I can’t make myself a cup of tea or catch up on last night’s Eastenders, and I’m pretty sure both my phone and laptop are about to die. But I’ll try to give a brief run-down of my morning so far – a big bottle of water, and some living room exercise. That’s about it. I’m planning to take little walk before heading to work, though, just to kill some time. Seriously, I’m so bored. How did people live before electricity? Even my books are on my Kindle these days, and it’s out of battery! Argh!

9:05PM: I am STARVING. Boots is alright, but it doesn’t last you through a late shift. I can’t be arsed cooking when I get in because I’ve got a 6AM start tomorrow, but if I don’t eat something now I’ll never make the bus journey home!


✨ 850ml water
(I never really eat breakfast anyway. I know, tell me off, whatever.)

Mid-Morning Snack
✨ 2 leftover slices of BBQ pizza
(I know this is pretty much the exact opposite of everything I’ve just said, but it was leftover! It was either eat it or throw it out – not gonna happen.)
✨ 850ml water

✨ Boots Meal Deal – BBQ chicken wrap, sour cream Pop Chips, Shapers Hot Chocolate Nougat bar, Diet Coke.

✨ Chicken and bacon wrap with chips (okay, so not the best start. But, as much as I hate to admit, I’ve had worse days…)
✨ Cup of tea

✨ 30 squats
✨ 30 weight lifts
✨ 30 push-ups
✨ 30 sit-ups
✨ 15 minute walk before work


Vlogging On-The-Go: Holiday Food Diary 2017 | #ThisGirlEats

I’d describe my first vlogging experience as awkward, scary and waaay out of my comfort zone – to say the least! But it can’t have been all bad because, for some mad reason, I decided to pick up the camera and do it all again. And this time, it was in front of a load of other holiday makers on the sunny island of Ibiza! 😬



The camera travelled with me and experienced the vacay food and drink 🍹 beautiful views 🌊 last-minute hotels 🛏 and long conversations with the bathroom mirror 👩‍🎤.

ibiza photo - editI thought a holiday food diary would be a great follow-up to the Introducing #ThisGirlEats video, showing a little more of my personality. But it’s also the perfect theme for #ThisGirlEats, because even though we were abroad it was still all about real food – this was just your normal, everyday girl’s holiday on a budget. None of us had much cash to splash, so it was all about enjoying what was on our doorstep and making a great time for ourselves.

So please check out the video and, if ya fancy, like and subscribe on the #ThisGirlEats YouTube channel!