6 Top Tips I Learned from My Trip to Disneyland Paris | #ThisGirlEats

I’ve just spent a weekend in one of my favourite places on earth (other than Pizza Express and my bed) – that’s right, Disneyland Paris!

It wasn’t my first trip and I’m lucky enough that it won’t be my last, but I’m always learning new things about the parks and the best way to navigate my way around them. From this most recent weekend visit, these are my six top Disneyland Paris tips (some of which I realised the hard way!) that I think are essential if you want a successful visit to the parks.

1) Wear comfy clothes

You want to look killer for insta, we get it. But honestly, wearing comfy clothes for a day in the Disneyland Paris parks is so, so important – TRUST ME, I speak from experience! Grab shoes you can rely on and clothes that are easy when climbing in and out of ride vehicles (believe me, on some of those roller coasters the struggle is real!).

Avoid anything that could cause physical discomfort like chafing or blisters because, although it might not bother you at first, after a few hours of walking around it becomes unbearable and you’re pretty much screwed for the rest of the day!

2) Take breaks – little and often

It’s tempting when you first get into the park, full of excitement and adrenaline, to smash out one thing after another. I’ve done it before; I’ll probably forget myself and do it again! But I’ve definitely learnt that a much better way to tackle Disneyland Paris it to take regular, short breaks right from the start of the day to prevent doing yourself damage later on.

I know you want to do it all, but these parks are small and those rides aren’t going anywhere. You’ve got time. Taking little breaks all day stops you burning out and are essential if you want to stick it out from rope drop to fireworks. So go ahead and sit your butt down!


3) Arrive early, stay late

If you want to make the most of your visit to Disneyland Paris, a real tip is to get there from when the parks open and stay until they close. It’s tough, especially in summer months when the parks are open later, but it is doable (if you refer to the previous two tips!).

The first hour of the day is when the queues are often shortest so if you’re ready at rope drop you can beat everyone else to the most popular attractions. If you manage to stick it out for the day you’ll also notice a lot of people, especially young families, will start to drop off in the last couple of hours and the crowds will die down.

4) Use and abuse the Fastpass queues

When it’s busy, your feet ache and the rides are so short you find yourself asking if it was really worth waiting in line for 90 minutes with screaming kids and pouring rain, this tip will come in handy – USE FASTPASSES!

So many visitors don’t use the Fastpass system at Disneyland Paris – or even know it exists! Fastpasses are free and available to everyone with a park ticket and can seriously cut down wait times. For example, we used a Fastpass on Peter Pan’s Flight, one of the most popular rides with a standby wait time of 60 minutes; it took us exactly five minutes, from handing our pass to the cast member to our boat taking off. We were on and off the ride in less than 10 minutes. They are really, truly worth taking advantage of.

I’ve got a full guide coming up on how to use Fastpasses and which rides you should prioritise so if you’re still not sure of the best way to benefit from Fastpasses keep an eye out for that!


5) BYOS (bring your own snacks)

If you’re planning to spend an entire day in the parks, you’ll definitely need to keep up your energy levels. One way to do this is take breaks (I’m just gonna keep saying it!), but another is snacking throughout the day.

Staying hydrated is important and super easy with free water fountains all over Disneyland Paris; however, if you buy any food or drink in the parks you’ll soon realise how it can add up. It’s not cheap, especially if you’re feeding a family, and the food isn’t even that great. But you’re allowed to bring food and drink into the park, so load up a backpack and save yourself plenty of money – we brought loads of food and drink from home with us and barely spent a penny once inside.

6) Find a space and stand your ground

If there are any shows that are really important to you on your Disneyland Paris trip – parades, fireworks, or indoor shows like ‘Mickey and the Magician’ – it’s definitely worth getting there early. Indoor shows only have a limited number of seats and fill up FAST so get in line in plenty of time if you want a good seat (or a seat at all – ‘Marvel: Super Heroes United’ filled up a good half hour before each showtime).

For the fireworks and parades people will start getting in position early so, for the best views, you need to find your spot in really good time and hold onto it. Another great tip for the fireworks show is to stand quite far back near the top of Main Street, just to the left or right – that way you still get a great view and, when the fireworks finish, you can shoot straight down the empty indoor arcades that run down the sides of Main Street and beat the crowds to the exit.



Disneyland Paris Just Revealed SO MUCH at InsidEars 2019 and I Am LIVING For It! | #ThisGirlEats

InsidEars – a social club for Disney-holics – just invited a whole bunch of influencers and fansite aficionados to a huge event where they revealed all kinds of exciting deets on what’s to come in the world of Disneyland Paris.

I’ve already let slip a few things I’m looking forward to over the next few years in Disneyland Paris, but this has shed light on new revelations as well as giving us some more info on things we already kinda knew about.

SPOILER ALERT: there’s some good stuff coming!

Phantom Manor is BACK!

Probably the biggest news (and the thing I’m most excited about, because it’s happening the soonest!) to come from #InsidEars is that we finally have an opening date for Phantom Manor! Or a re-opening date, I should say.

It’s been undergoing refurbishment for what – 16 months now?! Basically, a crazy long time, and we’ve been waiting to see what’ll happen when it comes back to life. And we’ll find out when it opens on 3rd May 2019!

From what we’ve heard, the pre-show will now be presented in both English and French, the story has been reimagined for an entirely different journey, many of the animations and effects have been tweaked inside the ride and the outer building has been totally renovated.

Phantom Manor (or Haunted Mansion in the American parks) has always been a popular Disney ride, so expect queues to rack up as people are eager to check out the changes – but luckily the continuous stream of Doom Buggies should cut through crowds pretty quick!

A new ‘Frozen’ attraction is coming

It’s no secret that the Art of Animation attraction will be closing down, and it’s no real surprise either. It was getting pretty dated – although I think it’s cool to see the history behind some of Disney’s most famous animations so I’ll miss that.

But alas, it’s being given the boot to make way for a new Frozen attraction which, let’s face it, will be WAY more popular! We don’t have an official name or opening date yet, but the ‘new Frozen experience’ will find its home at the forefront of the Walt Disney Studios Park.

The attraction will apparently take you through singalong rooms with your favourite Frozen characters like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. It sounds as though this is the first step towards rumours that Disneyland Paris will open a Frozen land in the near future, so let’s see where this one goes!

Elsa, Anna and Olaf on the Frozen float during the Disneyland Paris parade
Elsa, Anna and Olaf on the Frozen float during the Disneyland Paris parade

‘Cars’ is taking over ‘Studio Tram Tours’

Studio Tram Tours hasn’t long reopened but it looks like we should already expect another closure since #InsidEars announced that this attraction is revving things up with a Cars-themed overlay!

Not only that, but the loading station is being moved too, so basically the entire feel of this ride could be flipped on its head – and, truthfully, it’s about time.

The Studio Tram Tour has some great moments, but last time we visited the attraction it felt horribly dated, particularly the VTs that talk you through the ride. Seriously guys, the cringe is real! Also, it feels like there could be some much better props for us to really feel like we’re going “behind the magic”.

No-one is sure how the Cars overlay is going to work, but we’ll find out when the ride opens in summer of 2020!

‘Tower of Terror’ is shaking up Halloween this year

When one door opens, another closes – or something like that! When Phantom Manor reopens on 3rd May, work will begin that very same day on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to renovate the outside of this famous building.

We don’t know exactly what the refurb will entail but what we do know is that, just in time for Halloween, we will be introduced to completely random drop fall sequences on the Disneyland Paris version of this ride. Similar to the Orlando tower, which promises “never the same fear twice!” you’ll never know how or when your elevator will drop – so you better be ready!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in the Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in the Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

We found out all about the new Marvel hotel

We already know that Disneyland’s Hotel New York is being overhauled and turned into the Art of Marvel hotel, expected to open in 2020. But what does that actually mean?

Well, it means a totally immersive (duh!) superhero experience. The hotel will apparently feature four restaurants, regular character meet and greets, rooms with comic book decor, and the theme of each floor based on a different Marvel superhero.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?!

Everything you need to know for the Lion King & Jungle Festival

This year’s seasonal event, the Lion King & Jungle Festival, is fast approaching (30th June to 22nd September 2019) so it makes sense they’re trying to build up the hype for it – not that there’s any need, we’re already pretty stoked!

According to #InsidEars there are going to be new songs, new snacks, new merchandise, new parade floats, new seasonal character looks, new stage shows… basically, they’re stuffing the festival with absolutely everything possible to make it a success, and we don’t blame them.

We’re getting a new Disney Village – at last!

The details are vague, but just the promise of a Disney Village revamp is enough for me!

I’ve talked before about how I’m desperate for Disneyland Paris to improve the Disney Village and it looks as though it’s only a matter of time now. Fingers crossed…

Apparently the designs for a new Disney Village are around 95% done on paper so now it’s just a case of getting them off the page and into reality! According to what we’ve heard, they include a stronger Disney theme throughout the village, new stores and restaurants being introduced, and an aim to embrace the digital aspects coming to the parks.

Disneyland Paris is going digital!

Speaking of digital, this is the final – but one of the most interesting – points brought up at this year’s #InsidEars. We all know Orlando has the My Disney Experience app where you can book your fastpasses, make restaurant reservations and mobile order at counter service eateries, as well as check queue times and trawl the park maps.

You can check up on ride queues and find your way through the parks on the current Disneyland Paris app… but that’s about it. It sucks that you can’t really utilise any digital aspects in the park, especially in this day and age where we expect everything to be at our fingertips.

We don’t know exactly how Disneyland Paris plans to go digital, but several hints have been well and truly dropped. The entrance turnstiles are going to be modified later this year, they are looking to get rid of all paper coupons (so I guess that means tickets and fastpasses?), the park wifi will be improved and a new app will be launched that will include extra features, such as which rides have the shortest queues and the wait times for park restaurants.

We expect there will be A LOT of changes in this area and the park officials haven’t given away too many details just yet. But we’ve heard that within the next 3 – 5 years Disneyland Paris hopes to be entirely paperless – so they won’t be hanging around on this idea for too long.

Sleeping Beauty Castle (Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant) in Disneyland Paris.
Sleeping Beauty Castle (Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant) in Disneyland Paris

The following accounts helped me find out loads of the information discussed in this post, check them out!

Disneyland Paris Works (@DisneylandWorks)
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Things to Think About When Planning Your Disneyland Paris Holiday | #ThisGirlEats

When it comes to planning a trip to Disneyland Paris there is a lot to think about!

We all want different things from our holiday, and it can be tough to make some of those key decisions. Do you want a resort hotel or budget accommodation? How many days should you book? Where should you eat and how much will it cost? Should you travel by plane, train or car? When is the best time to go?

I’ve tried to go over some of the most important things to think about before you go on holiday to Disneyland Paris. What are the big questions you ask before you visit the Disney parks? Leave a comment and let me know!

The Hotels

The hotels in Disneyland Paris aren’t really “resorts”, not in the same sense as those in Orlando’s Disney World. They’re much smaller and you won’t find anything that stands up to the likes of Art of Animation or Animal Kingdom Lodge when booking your visit to Disneyland Paris.

But there are still benefits of staying in an on-site Disney hotel, such as:

  • Most of them are within walking distance of the park
  • Extra Magic Time is included with your stay
  • Souvenirs bought in the parks can be sent straight to your hotel room
  • You have access to meal plans
  • You can share your breakfast with Disney characters in many of the hotel restaurants

All these extra touches give your trip that special sprinkle of magic and if they’re important to you then, of course, think about staying on-site.

Silver, gold and blue Tinkerbell statue in the Magic Kingdom just before you reach Sleeping Beauty's castle
Tinkerbell statue in the Magic Kingdom

But the Disney hotels themselves don’t really bring much to the table. If you’re not fussed about getting into the park an hour early, are happy to jump on a shuttle bus or drive to the parks and don’t mind carrying your souvenirs around with you, then I’d definitely recommend looking into partner hotels.

There’s a whole strip of Disney partner hotels just outside the resort area, all with their own themes and free shuttle buses to the parks, which are usually cheaper than even the budget on-site resorts.

If you’re driving then you could even venture a little further afield. You can find plenty of decent hotels – some of which are even Disney themed! – around 15 minutes in the car from the parks. These ones in particular are much better value for money.

It depends what you want from your holiday. If you’re desperate for a fuss-free stay then look into the Disney resorts but if you’d rather save some pennies it’s definitely worth searching for off-site deals.

The Length of Your Holiday

When us Brits plan for a stateside visit to Disney World we’d set aside around two weeks because there’s just SO MUCH to do. But with Disneyland Paris, prepare for a much shorter stay.

There are only two parks in Disneyland Paris. The Disneyland Park, where you’ll find Sleeping Beauty’s castle and classic attractions like Peter Pan’s Flight and Big Thunder Mountain, and Walt Disney Studios Park, a Hollywood backlot featuring the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Toy Story Playland. This is compared to the four parks and two water parks in Orlando, plus Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure right next door.

Obviously if you’re coming in from outside of Europe you might want to spend a little longer here just to make the travelling worthwhile. But, in all honesty, one day in each park will cover an awful lot of ground.

Give yourself a long weekend and a multi-day ticket and you’ll have two days in each park, strolling between the two as you please. I promise you’ll have plenty of time to check out all the rides and attractions, browse the (limited!) range of shops in Disney Village and squeeze in regular mealtimes too.

The Food 

Speaking of mealtimes, let’s move onto the food. Disneyland Paris is an amazing, immersive, magical holiday – but a great culinary experience, it is not.

It’s a real shame that Disneyland Paris has such a long way to go when it comes to providing visitors with exciting food and drink. The food inside the parks is limited, expensive and poor quality. Our own experiences when it comes to eating in the parks isn’t great; it certainly wasn’t good value for money, put it that way.

The restaurants in Disney Village are a little better. You’ve got more choice, from Planet Hollywood to Café Mickey, Annette’s Diner and the Rainforest Cafe, but they don’t come cheap and, truthfully, they still don’t guarantee the above-and-beyond dining experience we expect from Disney.

'Mojo Bones' from Disneyland's Rainforest Cafe - caramelised pork ribs with BBQ sauce, fries, coleslaw and salad.
‘Mojo Bones’ from Disneyland’s Rainforest Cafe – caramelised pork ribs with BBQ sauce, fries, coleslaw and salad

You can bring food into the park for much more budget-friendly snacks during the day. Plus, it means you don’t have to set aside so much time to eat. We usually dig into our snacks while waiting in ride queues to kill some time! Most of the hotels, both on-site and partner, also have restaurants where you can fill up on breakfast (if it’s included) or feast on an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner.

Bottom line, if you’re going with small children who need a break and convenience is worth a few extra quid, research the food options in the park. But if you’d rather smash out as many rides and attractions as possible, are happy to snack on-the-go and want to keep your visit as cheap as possible, bring your own food.

The Travel

Obviously travelling to Disneyland Paris depends on where you’re coming from, but let’s focus on the different travel options from the UK for now.

The quickest way for most people to get to Disneyland Paris is by plane. You can fly to Charles De Gaulle from most major UK airports and there are plenty of comparison websites out there to help you find the best prices. However, you do have to consider getting from Charles De Gaulle to Disneyland Paris, which is a 45 – 60 minute drive or around 50 minutes via public transport.

You can also get the Eurostar, which is SUPER easy if you live in southern England. It’s really quick, minimal fuss and takes you right up to the park. Eurostar tickets can be pricey so watch out for that – but you can just get the Eurostar into Paris and change over to a domestic train, which is cheaper. The only problem with the Eurostar is it’s only reeeeally practical if you live close to the train.

My favourite way to get to Disneyland Paris is to drive. It’s the best way to travel on a budget, especially if you’re splitting everything between a full car. It also has no luggage weight restrictions or rules on bringing food and drink, things you’d have to consider otherwise. The Eurotunnel only takes 35 minutes and the drive from Calais to Disneyland Paris takes around three hours. However, like the Eurostar, you need to live kinda close to the Eurotunnel to make this a realistic option.

You can also catch ferries to France from several destinations including Dover, Portsmouth, Newhaven, Liverpool – but be careful, some crossings can take up to 23 hours!

The things you really need to consider when planning your travel for Disneyland Paris are convenience, time and budget. Flights are convenient, so is the Eurostar (if you’re close enough!) but driving can be a real money saver if it works in your favour.

The Weather

If you rely on good weather to enjoy your day, you really need to think about this before visiting Disneyland Paris.

In Paris, much like the UK, the weather can be very hit and miss. From November to February cold temperatures, rain showers and grey skies are expected – but they are some of the quietest times to visit (if you avoid the Christmas rush!) which could help beat the queues. Unfortunately it’s also when many attractions undertake refurbishment for this exact reason, so keep that in mind and check the website for any planned attraction closures.

If you visit from May to August, you’re much more likely to soak up the sunshine and bask in the warm weather, especially in the peak of summer. These more pleasant months obviously draw in bigger crowds, but I’d rather be queuing in the sun than the rain and it does make walking around the parks much more enjoyable.

If you go during the “in between months” – March, April, September, October – your guess is as good as mine! As we all know, in this part of the world the weather is never guaranteed!

Toy Story Playland in Walt Disney Studios Park with hanging lights and Buzz Lightyear in the background
Toy Story Playland in Walt Disney Studios Park

What I’m Excited About Coming to Disneyland Paris in 2019 – And Beyond! | #ThisGirlEats

There’s a lot to be excited about with the Disney parks this year, whether that’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge or Minnie & Mickey’s Runaway Railway. But these are all in the American parks – so, what’s happening for Disneyland Paris in 2019? And what about in the years to come?!

Well, quite a bit, as it goes.

I can’t wait to visit Disneyland Paris this year to see what it has in store – and what it’s planning for the future, too!

Lion King & Jungle Festival

From 30th June to 22nd September 2019, Disneyland will be celebrate two of my favourite ever Disney movies – The Lion King and The Jungle Book – with this seasonal event.

We can look forward to two new stage shows, ‘The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands‘ and ‘The Jungle Book Jive‘. If The Lion King show is anything like the West End production, we are in for a TREAT. I’ve seen it twice and it’s honestly breathtaking, so seeing it brought to life in the Disneyland park could be truly magical.

They’ve also got character meet and greets which, as we all know, I’m not the biggest fan of, but I might make an exception for these two films! You can also catch street music from Djembe Joy Village and dance along with Timon and Pumbaa at the ‘MataDance‘.

I’ve been waiting for them to bring more attractions from The Lion King to Disneyland Paris; I’ve never understood why one of Disney’s most popular films is so hugely overlooked! I can’t wait to check this out.

Marvel Land

I can’t even explain how buzzing I am for this!

The work is already underway, with Hotel New York currently closed for a comic book makeover. The resort is expected to reopen in 2020 as the Art of Marvel hotel and will be “an homage to Marvel Super Heroes in the style of a New York art gallery”.

We’re also going to see more changes this year as we say a fond farewell to one of the most iconic – if a little outdated – rides in Walt Disney Studios Park. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith is a great dark coaster with an awesome soundtrack (imho) but, frankly, it doesn’t really meet the high standards we expect from Disney attractions. The queue theme is decent but not really relevant anymore for younger audiences, and the ride experience could definitely be improved.

Although I’m sad to say goodbye, I can’t wait to see its transformation into an Iron Man-themed coaster. We’re led to believe that much of the track will stay the same, but everything else about the ride will see a complete Marvel overhaul.

We’re also expecting the Armageddon ride to go (about time!) and become a Spider-Man experience ride – perhaps something similar to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride in Islands of Adventure?! I first went to Disneyland Paris in 2004 and, when we revisited in 2017, the Armageddon ride hadn’t changed whatsoever and was hideously outdated, so any revamp will be an improvement!

Marvel Land probably won’t be in full swing for a couple of years but the changes are happening right now.

Entry gates to Walt Disney Studios
Walt Disney Studios

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

It’s been confirmed that the highly-anticipated, mega-immersive, incredibly-themed Star Wars land, Galaxy’s Edge, will be coming to Disneyland Paris.


I’ve seen the buzz around the land opening this year in the Florida and California parks and, not gonna lie, I’ve been feeling rather jealous. While I don’t think we’ll be seeing any major Galaxy’s Edge developments happening this year in Paris, they have announced that it will definitely be opening in Walt Disney Studios Park in the near future.

I’m not even a big Star Wars fan, but I absolutely love the current Star Wars rides in Disneyland Paris’ Magic KingdomHyperspace Mountain and Star Tours – and I’ve been keeping a very close eye on the stateside Galaxy’s Edge updates.

The land is set to be a fully immersive experience like no other and, although the idea of “audience participation” freaks me out a little, I’m hyped to see the Star Wars land take conceptual to a whole new level and breathe fresh life into the parks.

I think Disneyland Paris is in desperate need of a facelift, something huge and game-changing – and you don’t get much bigger than a whole galaxy!

New Disney Village

We don’t know when this will happen. We don’t even really know what will happen. All we do know is that Disneyland Paris has confirmed that the next step after renovating the park will be to reinvent Disney Village.

This update can’t come soon enough!

When I first went to Disneyland as a child, we arrived really late at night and all the parks were shut but we were so excited to be there that we headed straight out anyway, suitcases in tow, and went to Disney Village. I remember it being so bright, vibrant and lively. When I went back – 13 years later – I was waiting for that same feeling to come rushing back and it just.. never happened.

It was disappointing. Disney Village felt a little worn and dull – and really, really small! – especially compared to the videos of Florida’s Disney Springs. Sure, the IMAX, Lego Store, World of Disney shop and Rainforest Cafe are cool, but this could be a serious shopping haven and, in my eyes, it’s a space that isn’t being utilised.

Also, the lack of dining options and general quality of food at Disneyland Paris is quite poor, so hopefully a brand new Disney Village fills this void, because good food is something I’m desperately crying out for every time I visit!

Me standing at the top of Main Street at Disneyland Paris Magic Kingdom 2017
Disneyland Paris Magic Kingdom 2017

Bringing in the New Year – Disney Style! | #ThisGirlEats

Everyone moans about New Year’s Eve, how it’s the worst thing ever and they really hate when it rolls around, but I just don’t care – it’s my favourite night of the year! Maybe it’s because we always had big parties to celebrate NYE when I was a kid so, for me, it’s associated with loads of fun, happy memories. I always make sure I’m up to something and I always see in the new year with a bang. But, this NYE, I went bigger and better than ever before…


I spent the final moments of 2017 in “The most magical place on Earth” – that’s right folks, we Disney’ed it up in Paris for New Year’s! I mean, there are looooads of things about Disneyland that make it, um, not exactly appealing for everyone – the queues, the kids, the crowds, being confined to the bright, shiny Disney bubble where fairytale fluff is inescapably blasted at you 24/7.  BUT, even though all those things are true, Disneyland Paris really pulled out all the stops to make our NYE truly magical.

The fireworks were sensational, of course. Move over, London! The rides were exhilarating, especially whizzing through them in the dark. The music – mostly provided by Disney’s resident DJ, Goofy – was banger after banger. The bumper Disney parade, made up of the 25th anniversary, Halloween and Christmas celebrations, was dazzling (even when Mickey and Minnie’s showstopper float broke down and had to be rescued by a tow truck). So much awe encompassed every inch of the park, it couldn’t help but sparkle with Disney magic ✨


Some people hate New Year’s Eve because it’s drenched in resolutions, people professing to change this or that and boring us all with their repetitive recaps of the past twelve months. It’s all one big yawn, right? But I think those are the exact same reasons that I love it. I love having a reason to kick myself up the butt and make some positive changes, even if it is a cliché. I love looking back on my year, reliving the best bits and thinking about what I want to do better this time around. And when you’re standing there, shivering into your winter coat, snuggling your way into the crowds, watching a spectacle that is going all-out to so clearly define a line between the old and the new, it makes your resolutions seem even more… well, resolute.

Thank you Disneyland Paris for delivering a well-earned goodbye to 2017 and making me believe, even just for a moment, that anything is possible for the year to come…