About #ThisGirlEats


Welcome to #ThisGirlEats!

I’m Sam, a 25 year old food, lifestyle and Disney blogger from Kent.

My blogging adventure began after I graduated from UCA with a degree in music journalism and started up my own online music publication. That was fun – an endless supply of fresh new music and not having to stand in line at gigs, what’s not to love?! – but I eventually wanted to move away from journalistic writing and branch out into something more personal.

My other big love in life* is food. I cook every day and am always getting creative in the kitchen – but on very strict budget and using everyday ingredients. I thought this would be a great avenue for a new blogging venture, and so ThisGirlEats began.

It was never just about the recipes, though. I’ve always been very body conscious and struggled with diet culture so, while I always strived to centre my recipes around nutritious, healthy food, I also couldn’t help touching upon these issues and the food blog turned into a lifestyle piece as well.

I’ve most recently gone onto expand the blog even further. Over the past few years I’ve  realised my absolute obsession with Disney, the parks in particular. I want this blog not just to be about churning out recipe after recipe, but to focus on all aspects of lifestyle that I, personally, adore – be that realistic budget food or fantasy Disney holidays!

So here we have ThisGirlEats – a food, lifestyle and Disney blog!

ThisGirlEats comes from a place of creativity, fun and passion whilst also wanting to be informative, engaging and helpful. I truly hope that shows.

Enjoy this space, leave a comment and follow us on social media. This blog is open to collaborations and press enquires, please email thisgirleatsblog@gmail.com to get in touch.

* other loves in my life include my beautiful cat Flora, Linda McCartney sausages and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.