5 Everyday Food Apps I Couldn’t Live Without | #ThisGirlEats

These five apps have become so useful to me, I reckon I use most of them at least once a week. They help me make nearly all of my food choices these days and have just made life so, so much easier.


This app is a gift sent straight from the heavens if you’re trying to save on your food shop 💸 You pick your preferred supermarket, but the app allows you to see how much your shop would cost at a whole list of other stores so you can make great comparisons. If it’s cheaper elsewhere, simply switch over! It also gives you money saving swaps, “bulk buy” offers and lets you save your shopping list for next time. It’s not only saved me money, but also forced me to shop much more sensibly too. I love it!

BBC Good Food

The BBC is known for many things; some good and some, er, not so great… But did you know one thing they do really well is food? The BBC Good Food app is home to literally thousands of recipes. If I’m looking for foodie inspiration it’s definitely my go-to. You can search using a keyword or check out their ready-made collections, from “Healthy” to “Cakes & Baking” and “Vegetarian”. You can also save recipes and make your own categories, meaning you can practically index your own online cookbook at the touch of a button.


If you’re really dedicated to kicking the junk food and losing weight, MyPlate is a fantastic (free!) tool. Not only can you track your daily food, water and exercise, but you also receive handy notifications reminding you to log your lunch or have a snack if your daily intake is low. You can also mark your progress and see how others are getting on in the MyPlate community. It’s like having a nutritionist, food journal and support network all in one! 💖

Change 4 Life

You’ve probably seen cute cartoon adverts promoting the Change 4 Life campaign, which encourages swapping regular foods for healthier alternatives. But did you know it’s an app too?! It’s pretty simplistic, but can help you make some great choices. Just scan a barcode with your camera and it’ll tell you how much sugar, salt, sat fat and calories are in the product. It uses great visual aids too so if, like me, numbers scramble your brain, the info is still easy to understand.


Because everyone deserves a treat day, right? 😉



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