RECIPE: “Homestyle” Southern Fried Chicken | #ThisGirlEats

Serves: 2
How much does it cost? This recipe cost me less than £1.25 per person.
What are the benefits? Making this at home is a great takeaway alternative as it’s lower in fat, and it’s also a good source of protein too.

Nothing cures a hangover like a big ol’ Bargain Bucket 🍗

Fried chicken is second only to gallons of water and a few paracetamol when it comes to my post-alcohol needs but, of course, it’s often pretty gross, dripping with grease and whatnot. 

This homemade alternative is my way of making southern fried chicken that tastes just as good as the takeaway stuff – honestly, it really does – but cuts out a few of the calories.

This isn’t just a hangover cure – it makes a great midweek meal. This is just normal, everyday food with a healthier twist, which is exactly the kind of food #ThisGirlEats aims to create. 


4 Skinless, Boneless Chicken Thighs
4 tbsp Plain Flour 
Sunflower Oil (or whatever you’ve got to hand)
200ml Almond Milk 

The seasoning for this one all goes in with the flour. So, in with the bag of flour goes a hefty dose of paprika, a decent amount of dried parsley, a sprinkle of chilli powder, some dried garlic flakes, salt and pepper.

So, this is how I did it…

1. You can use any cut of chicken for this recipe, just adjust the cooking time accordingly. Thighs have the best flavour, plus they sort of unfold a little while frying and give you that classic fried chicken shape, so that’s what I used. First thing is to put the chicken in a bowl and cover with milk – almond milk, preferably, for flavour.

2. Meanwhile, combine the flour and seasoning freezer bag, ziplock bag or bowl and shake (maybe just mix together with your hands if using a bowl – shaking might get messy!) so the flavours all blend together.

3. Take the (wet, raw, sticky 🤢) chicken from the bowl and place into the bag with the flour and seasoning. Shake the life out of it until the chicken is completely coated with the flour mixture. Again, if you’re using a bowl, just coat the chicken with your hands.

4. Place the chicken in a hot pan with a little oil – used sparingly! Cook for roughly five minutes on each side, looking for a golden, crispy coating. If it starts to blacken before the five minutes is up then it’s burning, so turn it over or take it out of the pan! (Totally didn’t do this on the first go… 😒)

5. Once both sides look deliciously golden, pop into the oven on 200°C for about 20 minutes, turning once halfway through. Check they’re cooked through and you’ve got yourself some tasty homestyle southern fried chicken!

southern fried chicken


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